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Socio-Economic Development

codeX’s Agile Web Developer programme directly supports Socio-Economic Development in the ICT Sector.

What is BEE Socio-Economic Development?

In terms of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice, the objective of Socio-Economic Development (SED) contributions is the promotion of sustainable access for beneficiaries to the economy.

SED contributions are any monetary or non-monetary contribution implemented for individuals or communities, where at least 75% of the full value benefits black people.

Through our ground-breaking approach to training, we ensure that candidates who are under-represented in tech acquire the solid technical and practical skills required for a career in web development. 87% of codeX candidates meet the BEE criteria.

Contribution Benefit Factor

Qualifying contribution type Contribution amount Benefit Factor
Grant and related contributions
Grant contribution Full grant amount 100%
Direct cost incurred in supporting SED, sector specific initiatives or approved SED contributions Verifiable cost (including both monetary and non-monetary) 100%
Discounts in addition to normal business practices supporting SED, sector specific initiatives or approved SED contributions Discount amount (in addition to normal business discount) 100%

Compliance Target for Socio-Economic Development

SED Indicator Weighting points Compliance Target for 2016
Code CA sector
Average annual value of all SED contributions by the Measured Entity as a percentage of Net Profit After Tax (NPAT) or turnover 5 5 1% of NPAT or 0.125% of turnover

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