codeX is a social enterprise that supplies the job market what it needs: great young developer talent.


We want great talent no matter where they come from. Applications are open to anyone with a mind for problem solving and aptitude to learn to code, regardless of financial means.

Our partners help to make this happen, through sponsorship and employment of our coders.

Corporate and individual sponsorships enable us to cover the transport and basic living costs of coders with financial need, as well as reduce the cost of the program where possible. Loans cover the shortfall, which coders start repaying once they are employed.

The codeX brochure gives more detail on our programme successes, and how sponsors can get involved.

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How can you support codeX?

We believe that the talent pool in Africa runs deep, but opportunity has been limited. As of Nov 2018, 87% are historically disadvantaged, and 35% of our coders are women, young people who are often the first in their families to pursue professional careers. Professional and personal development is integral to our program and critical to its success.

Project codeX Foundation NPO

codeX operates a Bursary Fund through our NPO Project codeX Foundation 241 371 NPO. The Project codeX Foundation is a recognised PBO and donations are tax-deductible via the Section 18A Certificate.

Bank First National Bank
Account Name Project codeX Foundation 241 371 NPO
Account Number 62843243172
Branch Code 209809
Reference Company Name / Name & Surname + Donation Reference

If you would like more information on how you can support codeX, please get in touch.

codeX and Your BEE Scorecard: Socio-Economic Development

codeX is a Leader in Transformative Education

Our programme is unique in being able to reach and train candidates who are traditionally under-represented in tech, and prepare them for sustainable careers in web development.

100% of Socio-Economic Development grants made to codeX are recognized for the BEE ScoreCard. Let codeX help you claim your SED Contributions