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Need bright young talent with a solid foundation in web development?

Our coders have built and deployed full-stack web apps. They can apply concepts across languages. They have the essentials of agile and scrum. They’re ready to take on the world, with your mentorship and guidance.

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About our Coders

codeX coders come from a variety of education and work experiences: from matriculants to career changers with more than 10 years of work experience.

Once they’ve completed our program, codeX coders are full-stack agile web developers. Depending on their prior experience, they typically fall into three groups.

Which coding language?

codeX coders are equipped to skill themselves up in new languages to meet changing needs of the tech industry. The core curriculum of our program is based on Javascript, but our graduates have joined teams using varying tech stacks from Ruby, Python, PHP to .Net and Java.

  1. We’ll contact you for a 15 minute chat via Skype, Hangout, or the phone to discuss a few key questions.
  2. We’ll match up available candidates for interviews.
  3. Coders can be hired as interns or juniors, with a probationary period of 3 months before becoming full-time employees.
  4. Once employed full-time, placement fees are 15% of the coder’s first year salary (12% if hiring two or more coders).

“codeX is an extremely well-run coding program, led by well respected individuals from the Cape Town web development community. io is honoured to partner with codeX to bring some of their interns into the job market and to expose them to real life coding challenges and exciting work. Well done on spotting some real raw talent.”

Liesel Theron, Senior Account Manager, io

How many coders can you Hire?

We have between 30-40 coders training at a time. The bulk of our coders graduate in early December, but we also have a group ready for work in June. Ask us anytime: our alumni may be looking for their next move.

codeX sponsors get the first right to hire from the graduating coders. Beyond that, coders tend to want to work for people they know, so come do some technical mentoring.

“Finding codeX has been a triumph for us as they consistently produce developers of an incredibly high standard. This has allowed RocketDev (Pty) Ltd to bolster our team with smart, hardworking and professional developers. It is a pleasure to have added these codeX graduates to our team.”

Janine Beard Director of Development, RocketDev

Questions for Employers

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“As a startup with a small, focused team, it’s extremely difficult getting good technical resources that are well-rounded and able to be a jack of all trades, from fixing their own PCs to being able to do complex technical deployments.

Add to this the stress of the ups-and-downs associated with big wins and some (minor) losses to which a developer in a small team is exposed, and there are not many developers that can tick all of these boxes.

Emanuel is one of those rare people that can do all the above (with a smile on his face). His most important quality is that he will try his utmost to solve a problem on his own and then will ask if he doesn’t know. The last two points are the most difficult to teach most developers (and people in general).”

Paul Stemmet CEO, yapdashboard