Learn to code in Cape Town
and get placed as a software developer


Become an experienced, highly employable coder

codeX runs full time coding programmes to train and place bright young talent as software developers.

We’re looking for problem solvers who have the aptitude and attitude to learn to code, whether you have matric, a university degree or already have work experience.

At codeX you learn practical skills the tech industry demands and we help you find a job at a top local company that suits your interests and ambitions.

Our programme is hybrid and can be attended onsite in our Cape Town office or online from anywhere in South Africa.

How is codeX different to other programming courses?

We find great software developer talent

codeX aims to solve two of Africa’s major challenges: youth unemployment and the programming skills gap. We find, train, and place young developer talent in great entry-level jobs and ensure they have the solid foundation they need to build long-term digital careers.

We emphasise problem solving over getting to the “right” answer, the practical over the theoretical, broad conceptual understanding over language-specific idiosyncrasies, and collaboration over competition.

We are the only training organisation that truly addresses the low digital literacy levels in South Africa. Through our holistic programme we can take both experienced and new-to-tech candidates to advanced beginners, able to create and deploy apps and contribute to a code base in just two years.

“I am using everything I learned at codeX in my current job.

My codeX skills - especially the personal skills I learned at codeX - helped me easily understand and grasp a lot of the other concepts and things I had to learn at my placement. They help you be a better you and you obtain many more skills other than just coding. The staff at codeX is very dedicated to their work and go far and beyond to make sure their students get the best in terms of skills and placements after completing the program.”

Pholisa Junior Software Developer at REDISA

Where do codeX Alumni work?

“Working with codeX has been a rather fulfilling experience – having watched individuals whom have never been exposed to code to becoming proficient programmers is incredibly inspiring.

My favourite interactions have been at the demo days where it’s been amazing to see what the coders have learned. They create innovative solutions for real life problems. One of the more memorable solutions for me was a mobile app which helped riders of taxis gauge the speed of the taxi they were in. Often times taxi riders feel unsafe due to reckless driving this app helped track the speed of the taxi and enabled riders to report bad drivers.

The codeX coders not only learn technical skills but some valuable life skills that will help them succeed in the respective environments in which they enter. Allan Gray support codeX’s cause and have even employed one of their coders.”

Benny Ou Allan Gray

codeX Partners