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codeX is different to other computer programming courses out there. Designed by veterans of the tech industry who saw what newbies in software development were lacking and set out to fix it. The program equips you with skills the tech industry demands:

We run a unique DISCOVER CODING event for people who don’t know a lot about coding and want to know more about how its done, and what careers there are in software.

  • codeX is not a school. codeX programmes are self-paced so that you can move quickly when you immediately grasp a concept and can take time with concepts that need more attention. Mentors help you stay on track. Hackathons give you the chance to work in teams, dream up and build great ideas, and solidify your learning.
  • codeX runs full time coding programs over two terms of four and half months each.

    2023 Intake:
    Applications for the 2023 Full Stack Agile Web Developer course close on Friday 20 Jan 23. Check out the Application process

    2023 Agile Web Developer Program:
    27 Feb 2023 – 08 Dec 2023

    Alumni courses: Java/C# Developer Learnership; Workplace Incubation Programme

    Based in Harrington Street at the heart of Cape Town’s East City Precinct, codeX provides dedicated space you can access 24/7, laptops for use in the space, and fast internet. We have also embraced remote learning for candidates who are able to participate in the programmes full time, from other cities in South Africa.

  • Cost, Sponsorships & Loans
    The cost for 2023 is R80,500 (R70,0000 ex VAT). Discounts apply for private individuals. With thanks to our sponsors, eligible coders with demonstrated financial need qualify for Stipend Sponsorship for transport & living costs as well as Tuition Sponsorship covering some or all of the tuition cost. Applicants are encouraged to apply for external loans to fund their tuition. codeX provides a fallback loan on full commercial terms.

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Foundation Year: Agile Web Developer Our foundation Agile Web Developer curriculum focuses on full-stack web development.

We don’t teach specific frameworks, but expose you to the building blocks so that you can make your own technical choices. After the foundation year, you’ll be able to quickly pick up any new framework or language you need to.

Y2: Advanced Programmes Java, C#, Modern Web Framework or bespoke programme The second year explores the tech in depth. This could be more algorithmically with Java or C#, a deeper exploration of modern web frameworks eg. React.JS, Vue.JS, or a bespoke programme for an organization.

Outcomes Top tech companies want to see what you’ve built. You’ll leave codeX with a GitHub profile to show your code to the professional world of developers.

codeX is an accredited training provider with the MICT SETA. Your completion certificate will include the unit standards for the short courses you complete as part of the program.

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Think like a programmer. You will get hands-on experience with agile practices like test-driven development (TDD), kanban and scrum. We emphasise logical thinking and a creative applied computational approach more than specific programming languages.
  2. Use version control. You’ll become confident using GitHub to track and share source code, create repositories, and use branches to prevent merge conflicts with techniques such as git flow and pull requests.
  3. Process, group, and analyze data. See patterns in datasets and how they relate to each other. Making data useful to solve business problems is the key to building technology the world wants to use.
  4. Model, populate, and query relational databases. Structure and populate databases, then use them to aggregate and group data. Connect databases to web applications.
  5. Build, secure, and deploy web applications. Build secure web applications using encryption, authentication and authorisation, and then deploy to the cloud.

Coding languages & tools you’ll use:

codeX coders are equipped to up-skill themselves in new languages to meet the changing needs of the tech industry. The core curriculum of our program is based on Javascript, but our graduates have joined teams using varying tech stacks from Ruby, Python, PHP to .Net and Java.

The tech stack:

  • The terminal
  • JavaScript
  • Ajax
  • DOM
  • HTML & CSS
  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • GulpJS
  • Git & GitHub
  • Travis - Continuous integration
  • Handlebars
  • MySQL
  • Test Driven Development using Mocha
  • Deployment: Heroku (PaaS) & Digital Ocean (VPS)

“codeX gave us all the tools needed to become successful in the corporate world.

I learned how to plan, work smart to deliver my work on time and how to cope well under pressure.

codeX has excellent support structures, they make you believe in yourself. You start to believe that you can succeed in your life and you begin to be a leading example to others. They shape you to be the best among the best. The support doesn’t only end there; they make sure that you prosper in life by giving you life skills, financial literacy and more.”

Sakhile, codeX graduate


At the end of each term we run a hackathon in collaboration with an industry partner who sets a challenge for our coders to explore.

The 4-day hackathons allow you to work in a team to build a real, working prototype in response to the challenge, and pitch it to a live audience. We invite all of our sponsors and employers to the Demo Day, so it’s a great opportunity for you to network and potentially get a job interview!

Previous hackathon partners include:

“I didn’t just learn agile processes and full stack javascript development: I learned how to learn.

I’d recommend codeX to others because codeX provides an environment where you can learn and grow yourself in multiple aspects with the best support structure you can get at a learning institution.”

Taariq Full Stack Developer at Rehive

Tuition, Sponsorships and Loans

The cost for 2023 is R80,500 (R70,000 ex VAT). Discounts apply for private individuals. Coders may qualify for sponsorship covering a portion of tuition and/or sponsorship of transport and living allowances where available. Applicants are encouraged to apply for external loans to fund their tuition. codeX provides a fallback loan on full commercial terms.


codeX is an accredited training provider with the MICT SETA (ACC/2016/01/0008).
codeX is a registered credit provider (NCRCP8157).

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